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5 films to educate children about disability

Cinema is an art and also a tool that can be very educational ; it is the transmitter of social messages, which allows us to discover other realities and teach children and adolescents certain values ​​such as self-improvement, diversity, love or friendship.

In this article we have selected 5 films to educate children and adolescents about disability, from physical to intellectual.

We have selected them for their value and their message, which goes beyond disability and also focuses on different abilities or the richness of diversity, and which allows us to reflect on social discrimination or bullying.


A 10-year-old boy, born with a facial deformity that has forced him to undergo 27 surgeries, must attend school for the first time .

His biggest challenge will be to fit in despite his appearance and, with the help of his parents and new friends, achieve total acceptance.


Champions is a Spanish and inclusive film, which has actors with intellectual disabilities and has received much recognition and praise from critics. It stands out for its touches of humor , its naturalness (with amateur actors ) and its open and prejudice-free look towards functional diversity.

With it we learn the story of Marco, a professional basketball coach who finds himself one day, in the midst of a personal crisis, coaching a basketball team made up of people with intellectual disabilities . What begins as a problem ends up becoming a great life lesson.

Walk. Ride. Rodeo

Based on a true story, this kid-friendly movie follows the story of a young female rodeo champion. After an accident she acquires a motor disability that forces her to be in a wheelchair.

However, despite the difficulties, his determination and love for what he has always done make him want to get back on a horse.

It is an emotional story of self-improvement that extols values ​​such as motivation and perseverance , factors that help us overcome life's adversities.

Finding Nemo

This film tells the story of a small fish with a physical disability in his fin , who teaches us values ​​such as the importance of family and friendship and how we can cultivate patience. .

It also shows us why it is important to work hard to overcome difficulties when we have some kind of problem.

The Theory of Everything

A film to educate adolescents on disability. It shows the story of Stephen Hawking, who was destined to be a genius.

However, his excellent mind , thanks to which he has become one of the most important physicists in history, could not prevent a degenerative disease, ALS, which gradually paralyzed his entire body.

A film that shows this physical disability but also the ability to overcome our limits, which sometimes are only in our heads.

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