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Project Result 1

We will integrate our practices, that will be held in activity places/classes, into the methodological framework. The framework will be aiming to amalgamate/intermixture art & education of pupils with SEN in-school program. We will develop an arts- SEN program by counter-mixing both sides of these fields within the same classes by at least two teachers from both specializations. This program will be upload, together with arts and VET practices for pupils with SEN and DAS, in an online platform.

One teacher as a SEN teacher and one teacher/artist as an arts teacher/artist will participate in this process. There will be two teachers/trainers in the same class and both of them will educate the same group of pupils with DAS/SEN. We want to create an inter-disciplinary/multimethodological framework. This dual educative support will be developed, integrated into educative programs and practised in all partners. The students/learners will learn in a creatively two-teacher supported classes. The art and SEN teachers and education together will stay increase the concentration problems.

Project results: Programas
Diseñador de prototipos
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