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2nd LTT hosted in Valencia by Dinserta Centro Especial de Empleo

During January 25-27, 2023, it was carried out the LTT2. Vocational Observations and experience of interconnecting vocational educations for SEN & Arts in Valencia, Spain. On this occasion the host organization was Dinserta Centro Especial de Empleo S.L. which prepared an agenda focused on the acquisition of knowledge from a theoretical and practical point of view, as well as to promote the exchange of experiences and points of view on different initiatives to link art and vocational education in the work with people with SEN & DAS. Participants of the project's partner associations from Dideas S.L., LET’S KEEP LEARNING ASSOCIAZIONE, BAYKUŞ SANAT VE EDEBİYAT MERKEZİ, ANAMUR İLÇE MİLLİ EĞİTİM MÜDÜRLÜĞÜ and Dinserta Centro Especial de Empleo S.L were involved in these sessions.

The first working session on January 25, 2023, was held at Las Naves in Valencia, a space that is also committed to social innovation and social inclusion. During the morning, participants were involved in group dynamics and icebreakers that can be adapted for pupils with SEN & DAS. They also had the opportunity to interact and evaluate the Arts-abled platform, created for the project, where they were able to give feedback on the design and functionality of the resource. In the afternoon, they visited the Mira'm Foundation focused on working with pupils with autism spectrum. On this occasion, the trainers exchanged best practices on the work carried out by the center, which is based on an integrated approach that includes families, school, and pupils.

On the second day, the participants had the opportunity to meet the NGO Fevadis, which is focused on working with young people with intellectual disabilities. They also visited the temporary exhibition "Letters, Words and Thougths" at the Bancaja Foundation, created by about 150 people with functional diversity from fourteen centers in Valencia who have created their own works of art. To culminate, they had an exchange session at FESORD, the federation of deaf people in Valencia, where they learned about the work they do with the children of the community.

During the third day, the participants visited the Novaterra Foundation, specifically Novaterra Catering, a special catering employment center, focused on the work and social insertion of people with disabilities and at risk of social exclusion. The participants had a fruitful exchange and learned first-hand about the activities carried out by the foundation to promote women's empowerment and the social and labor insertion of people with disabilities. To conclude the conference, all participants met for a social lunch at the CaixaForum of Valencia, a space that worked with staff from Novatterra Catering and food prepared in their facilities.

In general, the team had the opportunity to learn about and exchange good practices in the field of work for the social inclusion and employability of people with disabilities, after meeting several initiatives that addressed the problem from different angles. In an atmosphere of fellowship and camaraderie, all the participants said goodbye to Valencia, with an eye on Vastos, the next meeting and follow-up point for the project.

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