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4th TPM in Vasto, Italy

The 4th TPM – Transnational Project Meeting took place in Vasto, Italy, on the 24th of May 2023 (travel days excluded). The meeting was hosted by the Italian partner Associazione LKL – Let’s Keep Learning and was discussed at the LKL headquarter, located in Via Salvo D’Acquisto 1, Vasto, Italy.

The overall aim of the 4th TPM – Transnational Project Meeting organised in Vasto was to define and set up the future activities for the PR1. Methodological Framework, Practices For Interconnecting Arts & SNE - Setting Up An E-platform and the PR2. An Innovative Supporting & Networking Website For Families/Care-givers Based on Adaption Of The Framework & Practices.

Each partner organisation was represented by 1 or 2 participants, for a total of 7 participants. At the meeting were present:

  • Mrs Claudia di Foglio from Associazione LKL (IT)

  • Mrs Lizandra Carvajal Garcìa from Dideas Desarrollo Personas (ES)

  • Mr Jose Miguel Albornoz Brocal from Dinserta Formación y Empleo (ES)

  • Mr Ali Bulut from Anamur Ilçe Müftülüğü (TR)

  • Mr Yusuf Kalem from Anamur Ilçe Müftülüğü (TR)

  • Mr Musa Kara from Baykuş Sanat ve Edebiyat Merkezi (TR)

  • Mr Kerim Tekkesin from Baykuş Sanat ve Edebiyat Merkezi (TR)

During the Transnational Project Meeting, the participants discussed about the PR1 and the PR2, defining the specific activities to be assigned to each partner. The participants were satisfied with the organization of the event (place, duration, logistical support received before and during the event from the Associazione LKL staff) and with the content.

The meeting contributed to a strengthening of the spirit of collaboration between all the project partners, a greater clarity on the effectiveness of the Arts-Abled platform and a greater clarity on future dissemination activities by each partner.

At the end of the TPM, an attendance certificates have been delivered by hosting organization to all the participants.

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