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Understand your Carbon Footprint and how to reduce it

The Carbon Footprint is the main indicator to evaluate the contribution to Climate Change of a company, product or service. Its unit of measurement is the amount of CO2 equivalent, tons or kilograms, that it is necessary to emit for the production of a good or the provision of a service.

In other words, the Carbon Footprint is used to determine the amount of CO2 they send into the atmosphere. After this, a series of measures are established to help reduce emissions in a specific period of time.

The Ecological Footprint is defined for its part as the indicator that measures the impact of a certain human community, country, region or city on its environment. The Ecological Footprint analyzes the patterns of resource consumption and waste production of a given population; both are expressed in biologically productive areas necessary to maintain such services.

A large part of the ecological footprint comes from carbon emissions from human activities. In fact, an individual's ecological footprint depends on his or her lifestyle.

In order to limit CO2 emissions and thus reduce the ecological footprint, it is essential to change our lifestyle, adopting new habits such as:

  • Reduce meat consumption;

  • Recycling and giving a new life to materials;

  • Optimize energy consumption;

  • Opting for a green energy company;

  • Producing your own energy;

  • Installing solar panels in your home or business;

  • Use less polluting means of transportation;

  • Travel through ecotourism (environmentally friendly accommodations, transportation and leisure activities).

It is also important to avoid consuming foods that are not in season or that come from other countries or even continents, thus favoring local consumption and avoiding the so-called "kilometer foods", which involve the emission of large quantities of greenhouse gases during their transport from the production areas to the stores that sell them.

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