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Know your carbon footprint A4 in Paris

As part of this project, SOLUTION: Solidarité & Inclusion was pleased to welcome its European partners (from Turkey, Lithuania and Spain) to the French capital from January 30 to February 4. As such, the association had scheduled the visit of 2 Parisian organizations in order to promote the role of France in raising awareness and awakening citizens to the fight against waste, consumption and eco-citizenship and the environment more generally through a series of concrete, theoretical and creative actions.

First, we stopped by La REcyclerie, an experimental eco-responsibility third-party space located in a former train station on the petite ceinture. Rehabilitated and opened to the public in the summer of 2014, this place now hosts an average of 600 people a day and brings together a group of committed individuals that continues to grow.

Carried in a playful and positive way by the association "Les Amis REcycleurs", the eco-responsible values of the REcyclerie are concretized through different poles: a repair workshop that fights against programmed obsolescence and rethinks the notion of use, an educational urban farm that raises awareness of the place of nature in the city and the protection of biodiversity, and an eco-cultural program.

Also, the organization is mainly constituted of local residents, but also includes people willing to support the project without taking advantage of its benefits.

The partners were very interested in particular by the visit of the farm and its production methods (and the animals!).

Our second stop was on Thursday at La Petite Rockette. A structure that manages two recycling centers, a café-workshop, a thrift shop, a bicycle repair workshop, multiple courses at a solidarity rate, but also rehearsal rooms. This place of exchange, creation and solidarity is anchored in its neighborhood, and allows people from all walks of life to meet around waste reduction...

One of the two small ressourceries managed by the Petite Rockette is the one in Père Lachaise. An ecological and citizen platform, which offers a second life to objects usually thrown away. It collects, revalorizes and encourages reuse by reselling donations at low prices in its solidarity store or by distributing them to various associations and initiatives. Finally, as a last resort, when recovery is impossible, it directs the materials to the appropriate recycling or waste management channels.

Here again, thanks to a dynamic visit of the premises, our partners were particularly interested. Some of them even stayed for lunch in the solidarity canteen and took the opportunity to do some shopping.

If you want to know more about the meeting, you can follow us on Social Networks.

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