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1st activity of the project in Siauliu, Lithiuania

The month of September flew by very actively and unusually at Šiauliai's Jovara Progymnasium - with the international language day, which is celebrated on September 19, foreign guests from Spain, Turkey and France came to the school to implement the project of international educational exchange and the Erasmus + Foundation "Know your Carbon Footprint" activities.

On the first day, the participants visited our school, the participants were welcomed by the 3rd and 8th grade students, who introduced the guests to national costumes and Lithuanian folk dances. The director of the school, Arvydas Kuknauza, welcomed the guests upon their arrival in Šiauliai and handed over participants' cards and symbolic flags of cooperation, introduced the participants to the school premises.

On this day, the participants not only visited the school - they participated in the activities organized by the Šiauliai Technical Creativity Center, "City of the Future". The activity involved everyone in a whirlwind of ideas and creativity - the opportunity to communicate in English gave the students confidence in their knowledge.

In the afternoon, Šiauliai city boulevard was visited. The students of our school talked about the most important objects. Education in the museum "Baltų kelias" made it possible to get closer to the history of the Baltics of Lithuania. After a walk along the boulevard, we stopped by for tasting Lithuanian dishes. We ended the evening with entertainment at "Apollo Bowling".

On the second day, we went to Vilnius and Trakai. On our trip to Vilnius, we visited the Museum of Technology and Energy, dedicated to the theme of energy, the museum exposition allowed visitors to get acquainted with the authentic equipment of a recently functioning power plant, and a walk among steam boilers, turbines, generators, condensers and complex pipelines - to feel the spirit of this kind of industrial objects.

The wind and solar power plants operating on the roof of the museum presented alternative energy, which is becoming more and more relevant every day.

A walk through the streets of Vilnius and Trakai gave the opportunity to get to know the history, architecture, culture and nature of Lithuania more closely.

On the third day, the participation of foreign guests in the classes provided an excellent opportunity for cooperation and improving language skills.

We are glad that in cooperation with the parents of our institution, an excursion to the waters of Šiauliai was organized, where the participants were introduced to the wastewater treatment equipment and the technological process management system.

We ended the day's activities on a sweet note - by visiting education at the "Rūta" candy factory in Šiauliai.

Departure to Nida, on the fourth day, the project participants got acquainted with the household and culture of local residents, traditional businesses - fishing. We visited the Curonian Spit, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The last, fifth day – in the botanical garden of Šiauliai VU Academy we provided an opportunity to be surrounded by nature, to get to know the plants growing in Lithuania, their influence on humans and their health.

Full of new ideas, warm communication, international educational exchange and the activities of the Erasmus + "Know your Carbon Footprint" project, we finished in Lithuania, Šiauliai Jovaras Pro-Gymnasium.

We are looking forward of new meetings. See you all our new friends.

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